Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Fear in OAU as ‘Malaria Epidemic’ hits the area


There is fear among students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Reason: Suspected malaria epidemic on campus.

It was learnt that more than 70 students “visited” the university’s health centre in the last three days to complain of similar symptoms.

Investigation revealed that they complained of headache, stomach ache, body weakness, irritation, fever, vomiting (in some cases), sore throat and loss of appetite.

Many students are raising the alarm over the disease and calling for an immediate intervention.

However, the school’s Acting Director, Medical and Health Services, Dr. Adedayo Irinoye, denied that there was an epidemic on campus.

According to him, “If there is any outbreak, we will be the one to first inform the public.

“Malaria is endemic on the campus but there is no epidemic. The cause of the students’ sickness is multi-facet.

“Some are caused by anxiety over examination coupled with poor nutrition, increase in stress and change of climate.

“We have doubled our manpower and adjusted our roasters.

“As we speak, we have not referred anyone to the OAU Teaching Hospital.

“The symptoms are those of malaria and the students are treated before leaving in good health.

There is nothing strange happening, there is only increase in traffic.”

Also, the school’s spokesman, Biodun Olarenwaju, said the situation was not peculiar to the school alone.

He noted that the increase in the number of sick students might be linked to climate change.

“It is just a kind of reaction to the climate change and it is not peculiar to OAU.

“We have competent medical doctors and researchers who would have detected if the complaints are unusual.

“That we admitted 150 students as being reported on  social media is propaganda.

“Our beds are not filled up yet. We have only 14 beds. Everything is under control,” he said.

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