Sun. Feb 17th, 2019

Diamond Bank targets 2m mobile app users in 3 months

Diamond Bank Plc says it plans to increase its mobile app users by 100 per cent, thus, to two million in the next three months even as it sets to relaunch the application next month.

Speaking at the celebration of the one millionth user of its mobile banking application yesterday, Diamond Bank’s Robert Giles said the bank has been able to double the number of its mobile app users in the space of three months, a feat it hopes to replicate again in three months.

The bank had in 2012 launched its mobile banking application and had four relaunches of the upgraded version. Giles noted that as at July last year, the number of the bank’s customers using the mobile banking app stood at 500,000 and had risen to one million by January 2016.

This figure he said is in addition to the over six million users of its Diamond Yellow Mobile application. Giles explained that the drive for increased mobile banking use by Diamond Bank is to see its customers move from the conventional banking norm to one that is convenient and smart.

To this end he said the bank has invested in technology to ensure seamless transactions and navigations on its mobile banking application. Corroborating this, the bank’s managing director and chief executive, Uzoma Dozie noted that the bank is investing in technology to ensure that its mobile banking app is the best in he industry.

He said the bank will continue to come up with innovations in banking despite the challenges of security, infrastructure, technology and customers reluctance to change from traditional banking.

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