Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Actress clears the air on allegations, says she married for love not husband’s wealth


Nollywood actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande speaks on love and her marriage – She debunks claims that she got married because of her husband’s wealth, adding that their relationship is based on love – Says she cut off her dreadlocks after 13 years because she got bored of the look Nollywood superstar Dakore Egbuson-Akande has spoken on the subject of love, her successful marriage as well as her return to Nollywood.

She also talked about her interests in singing and presenting on TV, among her other involvements. The mother of two spoke exclusively to TV Continental recently and debunked claims that she could quit acting soon. She laughed off the question saying: “That was a long time ago, but now people know I am back. “I’ve been in about eight films and I have a new film out that’s doing very well, Fifty, which is my latest work. Obviously if there’s a rumour that I was quitting the industry me being here debunks the rumour. “I think that just came about because of the perception that once she’s married her life is over.” On the question of whether or not she got married as a result of her husband’s wealth, she responded that she married for love. She added that because her husband is from a wealthy home does not automatically mean that she got married to him as a result of that. She emphasized their truth in their relationship, adding that their marriage is based on love. Responding to the secret behind her successful marriage she admitted that they have challenges too just like every other couple, but they have successfully managed the situation with God on their side. According to her, the kids also help strengthen the bond in the union. She also talked about how she’s lived her life as an actress without any forms of controversy as well as her dreadlocks which she cut off after 13 years. The Bayelsa indigene said she got bored and decided to take off the dreadlocks and change her look.

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